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Writing Effective ALT Text For Images

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Anyone United Nations agency is aware of something concerning internet accessibility is aware that pictures want various, or ALT, text assigned to them. this can be as a result of screen readers can’t perceive pictures, however rather scan aloud the choice text assigned to them. In web human, we will see this ALT text, just by mousing over the image and searching at the yellow tooltip that seems. different browsers (correctly) don’t do that. The hypertext markup language for inserting ALT text is:

But sure there can’t be an ability to writing ALT text for images? you simply pop an outline in there and you’re smart to travel, right? Well, kind of. Sure, it’s not rocket science, however, there are many tips you would like to follow…

Spacer pictures and missing ALT text

Spacer pictures should be assigned null ALT text or alt=””. In this manner, most screen readers can fully ignore the image and won’t even announce its presence. Spacer pictures are invisible pictures that pretty most websites use. the aim of them is because the name suggests, to make the house on the page. typically it’s impractical to make the visual show you would like, therefore you’ll be able to stick a picture in (specifying its height and width), and voila, you’ve got the additional house you would like.

Not everybody uses this null ALT text for spacer pictures. Some websites stick in alt=” spacer image”. Imagine however annoying this may be for a screen reader user, particularly after you have 10 of them in an exceeding row. A screen reader would say, “Image, spacer image” 10 times in an exceeding row (screen readers sometimes say the word, “Image”, before reading out its ALT text) – currently that isn’t helpful!

Other internet developers merely hop over the ALT attribute for spacer pictures (and maybe different images). during this case, most screen scanners can read out the file name, which may well be newsite/images/onepixelspacer.gif’. A screen reader would announce this image as “Image, new site slash pictures slash one component spacer dot gif”. Imagine what this could sound like if there have been 10 of those in an exceeding row!

Bullets and icons

Bullets and icons ought to be treated in abundant an equivalent approach as spacer pictures, therefore ought to be assigned null various text, or alt=””. trust an inventory of things with an elaborate bullet continuing every item. If the ALT text, Bullet’ is assigned to every image then, “Image, bullet” are going to be scan aloud by screen readers before every list item, creating it takes that bit longer to figure through the list.

Icons, sometimes wont to complement links, ought to even be assigned  alt=””. several websites, that place the icon next to the link text, use the link text because of the ALT text of the icon. Screen readers would initially announce this ALT text, then the link text therefore would then say the link doubly, that clearly isn’t necessary.

(Ideally, bullets and icons ought to be referred to as up as background pictures through the CSS document – this could take away them from the hypertext markup language document fully and thus take away the necessity for any ALT description.)

Decorative pictures

Decorative pictures too ought to be assigned null various text, or alt=””. If a picture is a pure visual image then there’s no want for a screen reader user to even understand it’s there and being wise to of its presence merely adds to the sound pollution.

Conversely, you’ll argue that the pictures on your website produce a complete identity and by activity them from screen reader users you’re denying this cluster of users equivalent expertise. Accessibility specialists tend to favor the previous argument, however, there actually could be a valid case for the latter too.

Navigation & text embedded among pictures

Navigation menus that need fancy text haven’t any alternative however to infix the text among a picture. during this scenario, the ALT text shouldn’t be wont to expand on the image. underneath no circumstances ought to the ALT text say, scan all concerning our fantastic services, designed to assist you in everything you do’. If the menu item says, Services’ then the ALT text ought to additionally say Services’. ALT text should describe the content of the image and will repeat the text exactly. If you wish to expand on the navigation, like during this example, you’ll be able to use the title attribute.


The same applies to the other text embedded among a picture. The ALT text ought to merely repeat, exact, the text contained among that image.

(Unless the font being employed is particularly distinctive it’s typically unneeded to infix text among pictures – advanced navigation and background effects will currently be achieved with CSS.)

Company brand

Websites tend to vary in however they apply ALT text to logos. Some say, Company name’, others name logo’, and different describe the operate of the image (usually a link back to the homepage), Back to home’. Remember, ALT text should describe the content of the image therefore the initial example, alt=” Company name”, is perhaps the most effective. If the brand could be a link back to the homepage then this may be effectively communicated through the title tag.


Writing effective ALT text isn’t too tough. If it’s an ornamental image then null various text, or alt=”” ought to sometimes be used – ne’er, ever omit the ALT attribute. If the image contains text then the ALT text ought to merely repeat this text, exact. Remember, ALT text ought to describe the content of the image and zilch a lot.

Do even be positive additions to stay ALT text as short and compendious as doable. Taking note of an internet page with a screen reader takes heaps longer than ancient ways, therefore don’t build the aquatics expertise painful for screen reader users with puffy and unneeded ALT text.

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