Beginners Guide to Set up WordPress Blog Using Free Theme & Plugins

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Are you want to Set up WordPress Blog using the world’s most popular cms WordPress?

If you are new to these fields it is looking hard.

So, today I want to share the things that you need to set up WordPress Blog using free theme & plugins. Before starting the main thing I want to introduce WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source, PHP-based website creation software. In the technical voice, it is called Content Management System or CMS.

In WordPress CMS you not need to know more technical knowledge. If you have no knowledge or a little bit of web development/programming knowledge it’s enough to create your own blog. In the below points, I have taught you step-by-step procedure.

Domain Name

First, you need to buy a domain name to make your identity in the internet world. It represents your blog identity and people read your article through it.

Remembering these few tips before buying the domain name:-

  1. Keep a short name as you can.
  2. Try to buy a top-level domain extension (.com preferable).
  3. Your domain name should have easy pronunciation, easy to read & write.
  4. Try to avoid numbers, a hyphen, and special characters in your domain name.
  5. Make sure a Keyword have in your domain name.


After bought a Domain, you should buy a hosting service to Set up WordPress Blog. Hosting service will host your WordPress blog on the internet.

Over the internet, there was plenty of Hosting service provider. Keep in mind before buying any hosting service there were lots of pros & cons.

First of all your hosting service provider is reliable, trusted, affordable and supportive nature.

Below I will share some Types of Hosting Service which one you can buy:-

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting plans are very cost-effective hosting services and perfect for beginners starting their personal blog. But keep in mind this hosting can not handle a lot of traffic.

VPS Hosting

The next step of shared hosting is VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting. In VPS hosting service you have received a virtual server with a specific resource. VPS hostings are two types Managed VPS Hosting and Unmanaged VPS Hosting. In my view to run VPS Hosting, you need to learn some knowledge of Hosting server management.

But the advantage of the VPS Hosting Plan it can handle multiple traffic rather than a shared hosting plan. And VPS Hosting Plans are much higher than Shared Hosting plans.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This hosting service is the most costly and powerful hosting servicing among them. So, for beginners, I do not recommend this service.

Install WordPress to Set up WordPress Blog

Your Domain & hosting is now ready. Now install WordPress CMS from your control panel and write your login username and password in a safe place. It will be required for future login. Now your site looks like the below image-

Set up WordPress Blog



This is a very important part to design your website/blog. There are lots of free and paid themes in the WordPress repository theme section. In beginning, I will recommend using free themes like Neve, Iconic One, Generate Press, etc. These themes provide free versions as well as paid versions.

These recommended themes are lightweight and super fast and easy to customize. So, a small resource hosting plan easily handles it without and trouble.

After changing the theme, you need some essential plugins to get ready your blog/website to perform over the internet.

Essential Plugins

To set up WordPress Blog you need some Essential Plugins to write blog post, SEO management, Cache Management, and Others-

Classic Editor

With the help of Classic editor, you can write your blog post, page very easily. With the help of this plugin, you can write your post in a visual format and as well as text/coding format.

SEO Plugin

In this section, you have many options. There also many free versions of SEO Plugin as well as paid versions also available. Currently, I will recommend their free version.

My first preferable SEO plugin name is SmartCrawl. This plugin has an easy configuration wizard, One-Click setup option, Connect option of Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, and Yandex; Automation XML Sitemap Generation and Submit search console, instant keyword analysis. There was a Schema option also available now.

The second choice is Rank Math SEO Plugin. This plugin’s main attractive feature is schema generation I really love this. The third one is Yoast SEO Plugin. All these Plugins’ main functions are the same but they work in a different way. These there are not the final list there is also some good SEO plugin like All In One SEO, The SEO Framework, SEO Press also there.

Cache Plugin

Cache Plugin creates static HTML pages of your blog/website and saves them into your server machine. When a user access website, the cache plugin serves these HTML pages instead of processing the comparatively heavier WordPress PHP scripts.

The cache plugin reduces the page load time as well as the server’s pressure.

Some Popular free cache plugin is Wp-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache, W3 Total Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, WP Fastest Cache.

Table of Contents Plugin

To use the Table of Contents Plugin users automatically set up a context specific table of contents easily and quickly.

Popular and useful Table of Contents Plugins is Easy Table of Content, Table of Content Plus.

Push Notification Plugin

There are many Push notification providers but the best one is One Signal, a free version of One Signal that supports up to 10,000 subscribers.

Social Share Plugin

With the help of the WordPress social share plugin, you can easily share your post pages on social media platforms. You can bring social traffic by sharing your blog link.

The most popular social sharing plugins are AddToAny Share Button,


After reading the above article, we find the basic need to set up WordPress Blog using free theme & plugins. Before ending up this article I will repeat the things of essential this below:-

1. Domain Name.

2. Hosting Plan.

3. WordPress Installation.

4. Change default Theme as per requirement.

5. If you not familiar with to default writing plugin then install Classic Editor

6. One SEO Plugin like SmartCrawl

7. One Cache Plugin Such as WP-Optimize Cache Plugin

8. Set up a context-specific table in your article need any Table of Contents Plugin

9. One Push Notification sender plugin like One Signal

10. Any social sharing widget plugin such as AddToAny Share Button

Now I end the article about “Set up WordPress Blog using free theme & Plugins“. If you have any doubt, confusion, or suggestions, please write a comment below.

If it is helpful for then please like and share!

Thank you!

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